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Move by Mira

  • Fitness should be fun! I want to create workouts that you’ll enjoy, that feel right for your body and fit within your schedule.

I like to train 

Whatever your age, ability or goals - there's something here for you.

Exercise makes me 

Find a workout you like - whether that workout is 10 minutes or a full hour, high intensity or a chilled out stretch - filter a workout that works for you!

Follow a series and keep at it - these series will take you on a mini-fitness journey, each with a different focus, intensity and level.

Stay motivated together - create a workout group, invite your friends & family to join, and motivate each other in the chat as you work out together.

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Schedule activities in the app and add them to your personal calendar to make sure the time is set aside


Earn rewards and badges as you complete your goals and build momentum - for that extra bit of motivation

Track Progress

Use the stats section of the app to update and follow your fitness goals, and track your progress