Who is behind
Move by Mira?

  • Move by Mira is only a small company. Just me, Mira, a personal trainer and my partner Lluis, a data scientist & web developer.
  • Together we created, designed and built Move by Mira during our London lockdowns.
  • We wanted to create a workout platform that had something in it for everyone, that fits in with people's lives and makes exercise something that is both positive and enjoyable.

Exercise to feel good

  • The fitness industry often focusses on the 'looking good' part rather than the 'feeling good' part. Six packs, big bums, small waists, low body fat – we are bombarded with idealised body images.
  • The question is, whilst striving for that 'perfect' body, does it actually make you healthier and happier?
  • Rather than working to attain a certain body image, I prefer to focus on moving your body and enjoying your exercise because it makes you feel good.

Hi, I am Mira

  • I am a certified personal trainer specialised in pre & post-natal training and sports nutrition.
  • Exercise is part of my daily routine – it is something I look forward to every day and it always always makes me feel happier and more energised.
  • I see it as the best medicine. If done in the right way, it strengthens your muscles, joints and bones, prevents injuries and releases all those feel-good hormones that are so important for our mental wellbeing.
  • Unfortunately, for the majority of people, fitness and exercise is something they struggle to find motivation or joy for – this is where I like to help!
  • My goal is to create workouts that make people enjoy exercise.

Ready to train?